Out of Town Patients

Travel to Salt Lake City for Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery in Utah has gotten a national reputation for some of the best plastic surgeons in America providing affordable plastic surgery pricing. Dr. Yates has many patients who travel from out of town for plastic surgery with excellent outcomes. Most travel from adjacent states particularly Idaho and Wyoming as it is a fairly short drive. Some fly from more distant states or even across the globe as far as Japan and Australia. We are always flattered when patients choose us and hope to try to make the experience as pleasant and easy as possible. If you are planning to travel abroad for plastic surgery and would like to check out Utah, it would be our honor to have you.

Why did Dr. Yates choose to be a plastic surgeon in Layton, Utah?

The Layton area is where Dr. Yates was born and raised. Dr. Yates enjoys the small town feel and outdoor activities that the area has to offer.

There is plenty of business as the Salt Lake City area has been rated #1 per capita for plastic surgery in the country. People in the area (and prospective patients) are generally honest, happy and pleasant. They are generally not looking for that “done” look.

The Layton area is ideally located between Ogden and Salt Lake City. We are one of the closest plastic surgery offices in Utah to both Idaho and Wyoming. We are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to see patients nearly every day from Idaho and Wyoming.

Planning the consultation

It is always preferred to have a face-to-face consultation with Dr. Yates well before the day of surgery. For patients traveling from out of town for plastic surgery this can be difficult. We will make it a priority to help schedule this consultation on a day and time that will fit in with your schedule to the best of our ability. For some, an on-line consultation is suitable and can save you a separate visit for the consultation. For these patients, the surgical plan has been decided in advance and is fine-tuned at the time of the consultation which may be the same day as surgery. If special equipment is needed such as implants this can be logistically difficult to schedule the consultation and surgery on the same day. You will want to review general pre-operative instructions and post-operative instructions in advance.

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Scheduling surgery

Dr. Yates office staff can help to find a date for surgery that fits into your schedule. A $100 deposit is required to hold your surgical date. Dr. Yates can provide you with a basic price quote at the time of your consultation or on-line/ phone consultation. This amount may change slightly (rarely) if at the time of the examination, more or less than anticipated would need to be done.

The day of surgery

If you have not been seen in consultation prior to the surgery date, we will see you on the morning of surgery (a few hours prior) to be sure there are no issues that need be addressed. Any final lab work such a pregnancy test may be performed. You should bring comfortable clothes that are easy to remove/ replace such as sweat pants and a “hoodie” that zips up the front. You will need to have made hotel arrangements in advance and will need someone to accompany you that evening.

After surgery care

You will need to have arrangements for your care after surgery. Most patients bring a travel companion with them. If you are unable to have a travel companion, we have an excellent resource called CareMinders. This is a reasonably priced postoperative nursing service with nursing care in your hotel room as necessary after the procedure. We will generally try to arrange this in advance. They have discount rates for local hotel rooms as well.

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Followup visits

Depending on the procedure, we may see you the following morning for a recheck. For most procedures it is best if you stay in town for at least 5-7 days following surgery. Dr. Yates always prefers to follow his customary routine for follow-up visits, depending on the procedure. We understand that travel can make these visits difficult and we can work to make it as easy as possible. Some of the visits can be done in an on-line format although a face-to-face visit is always preferred.

Information about Layton, Utah

Most of the population of the state of Utah live along the Wasatch front mountain range. The population of the state of Utah is over 2.7 million; Of these, 2.3 million live along the Wasatch front. There are a series of large and small cities running north-south along I-15 on the west side of the mountains including Provo, Salt Lake City, and Ogden. Layton is a medium sized city about 20 minutes north of salt lake city with a population of about 65,000. Layton is very close to downtown Salt Lake City, Park City, as well as the activities the mountains have to offer. The closest ski resort is Snow Basin approximately 20 minutes up the canyon. This is a world class resort and is where the men and women downhill skiing in the 2002 Olympics were held.

Directions/ Map

By air – The Salt Lake City international airport is 25 minutes south of the Tanner Clinic. Drive north from Salt Lake City on I-15 to the Antelope drive exit in Layton. Turn left and Tanner Clinic is just past Davis Hospital on the right.

Driving from the north – South on I-15 to the Antelope drive exit in Layton. This is approximately 10 minutes past Ogden. Turn right and the Tanner Clinic is just past Davis Hospital on the right.

Driving from the south – North on I-15 to the Antelope drive exit in Layton. This is approximately 20 minutes past Salt Lake City. Turn left and the Tanner Clinic is just past Davis Hospital on the right.


Nearby hotels

We offer a special discounted rate for Dr. Yates patients with three local Marriott hotels:

  • Courtyard Marriott – (801) 217-2300 – click here for the Dr. Yates patient discounted rate
  • TownePlace Suites – (801) 779-2422 – click here for the Dr. Yates patient discounted rate
  • Fairfield Inn – (801) 444-1600 – click here for the Dr. Yates patient discounted rate

Other local choices include:

Nearby restaurants

  • Corbin’s Grille
  • Chilli’s
  • Applebee’s
  • Red Robin
  • Cracker Barrel
  • Outback Steakhouse
  • Golden Corral
  • Rooster’s brewery
  • Cafe Rio (Mexican)
  • Osaka Sushi (there is better sushi in SLC)
  • McCool’s Irish Pub