How To Describe Your Ideal Breasts to Your Plastic Surgeon

breast implantsWhen it comes to choosing the best breasts for your body, it can sometimes be a challenge to articulate to your doctor. However, by taking time to conduct a brief amount of research regarding the shape, size, and overall look of breasts that you want, you can help to describe your ideal breasts to Utah plastic surgeon Dr. York Yates at your consultation.

There are a variety of shapes that you can choose from when considering what types of breast implants that you should get for yourself. Specifically , you can choose from breast implants that are more round or tear drop shaped. Tear drop shaped implants are likely from gummy bear implants and tend to look a bit more natural. However, the rounder the implant, the more likely that they are either silicone or saline implants. Look at pictures of different shaped implants and breast types to help you decide what one is right for you.  Generally patients with smaller breasts before surgery tend towards a rounder look naturally and patients with more breasts tend towards a more natural shape after implants.   Understanding your starting point and how the implant choice effects it is the job of an attentive plastic surgeon.

The biggest decision that you will have to make when choosing the best implant for you is what size of implant you should get. In order to determine the size, take a look at your body size. For instance, if you have a more petite figure then you will want to choose an implant that’s a little smaller. Whereas if you have a full figure and naturally small breasts, then you will want to choose an implant that’s a bit larger.

Overall Appearance
In order to determine the overall appearance that you want in regard to your breast implants, look at pictures of breasts that you like. That way you can bring a visual representation into Dr. York Yates’ office in order to show exactly what look you are going for.

To help Dr. York Yates give you the best looking breasts, consider conducting research regarding the shape, size, and overall appearance of the breasts that you may want. To learn more about breast implants or to schedule an appointment, contact Utah plastic surgeon, Dr. York Yates.