How to Decide If You Should Have Your Breast Implants Removed

Breast Implant Revision Salt Lake City, UTYou got them done, so you have to live with them, right? Although it’s true that most of our patients are happy with their breast implants, there are some patients who just want to have theirs removed. If for some reason you are unhappy with your breast implants at any point, Dr. York Yates and his staff will work to ensure that you remain happy and comfortable from start to finish.

They Are Painful

Having large breasts isn’t something that’s for everyone. In fact, they can result in a lot of back pain and discomfort in some people. If you have been experiencing a lot of undue pain ever since getting your implants, then you may want to get them removed.


It is very rare, but in some instances, patients are allergic to either the casing of the implant or the actual implant itself. If you have experienced any symptoms of an allergic reaction like swelling, itching, pain, or redness, contact Dr. York Yates for a consultation appointment.


If you elect to get silicone implants, the Food and Drug Administration recommends that you get an MRI every couple of years to make sure they haven’t ruptured. Patients who have had their breast implants for a long period are more susceptible to having them ruptured.

They Aren’t Your Look

If you got your breast implants in your twenties or thirties, what you may have thought was cool then may not be the case now. As a part of life and progression, our opinions change which means that even though your breast implants were right for you a few years ago, they may not be the case anymore.

Sometimes breast implants can cause pain, irritation, ruptures, or just aren’t the look you are going for anymore. If you fit into any of these categories, contact Dr. York Yates today at our Layton office to learn more about the removal process.