Scarless Breast Reduction in Salt Lake City

We are pleased to offer scarless breast reduction to our Utah patients.  Scarless breast reduction is a term used to describe breast reduction by liposuction techniques.  Rather than traditional breast reduction approaches where skin is removed and reshaped, with liposuction only breast volume is reduced.  The skin envelope shrinks with the volume reduction but a formal breast lift is not performed.


The advantage of scarless breast reduction is obviously that there are fewer scars.   It is not truly scarless as there are a few small (4 mm) scars for liposuction, but these are small and well hidden.

The disadvantage of scarless breast reduction is that the breast is not lifted.  As such, there are fewer candidates for scarless breast reduction.  The ideal candidate has a good breast shape without significant droop but has breasts that are just too large for their comfort.  In general, these patients are in their 30’s or younger.