Breast Reduction Surgery Vs. Scarless Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast ReductionIf you have overly large breasts that cause you pain and discomfort, then you may want to consider getting a breast reduction. As a way to reduce both weight and size of your breasts, breast reduction surgery is designed to make you feel more comfortable once again. With two options available by Utah plastic surgeon Dr. York Yates, you have double the options of most plastic surgery clinics. From traditional breast reduction surgery to scarless breast reduction surgery, this article will discuss the differences between these two procedures.

Traditional Breast Reduction

During this type of surgery you will be placed under anesthesia. Once you have been properly sedated, Dr. York Yates will then make a small incision on your nipple or even under the breast itself in order to access the breast tissue. Dr. York Yates will then proceed to remove any excess breast tissue or skin from the breasts in order to help alleviate any excess weight that you’ve been carrying around. Additionally, Dr. York Yates will ensure that your breasts are the shaped properly so that you don’t leave the operating table with breasts that are lopsided or misshaped.

Scarless Breast Reduction Surgery

Because scarring during a traditional breast reduction is something that is fairly prevalent, there is another option for those that qualify: scarless breast reduction. Ideal for candidates in their 30’s or younger, scarless breast reduction surgery uses liposuction in order to get rid of breast mass. During this procedure, small incisions will be made typically under the breast fold and/ or around the nipple in order to access the fat and tissue. Once Dr. York Yates has access to the fat and tissue, it will then be removed using liposuction.

By scheduling a consultation with Dr. York Yates, he can help to decipher what is the best breast reduction option for you and your body. Whatever option you decide to go with, you can expect to see long lasting results that you will be happy with. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, contact Doctor York Yates’ office today!