Breast Lift in Salt Lake City

Plastic surgery to improve the shape of sagging or droopy breasts is a mastopexy (breast lift).

How do I know if I need a breast lift?

Breast shape has to do with the distribution of breast volume, weight of breast tissue and support offered by the skin envelope.  When there is excessive weight or poor support, the breasts become droopy.  Droopy breast shapes typically have minimal upper breast fullness, a low nipple position and a lower pole of the breast resting on the upper abdomen.  Significant increase in upper fullness generally requires an implant and significant improvement of the lower breast shape and nipple position generally requires a lift.  At the time of a thorough consultation it can be determined if the droop is significant enough to need a breast lift.

Where are the scars from a breast lift?

A breast lift is an artistic procedure, unique to the individual patient.  Three general scar patterns are used for a breast lift.  The location and quality of these scars varies based on surgical techniques.  To get the best scar possible, Dr. Yates uses “internal suturing” techniques and plans and executes the operation in a manner that reduces tension on the skin.

Circumareolar (doughnut mastopexy) scar

An excellent option for a patient with minimal lift necessary.  Often the areola is reduced.  If this pattern is used for a patient with significant lower pole droop, a flattened central breast shape will result.

Lollipop scar (around the nipple and vertically beneath)

Our most common lift pattern.  The areola can be reduced, the nipple lifted and the lower pole tightened and supported.

Anchor scar (lollipop scar + a horizontal scar beneath the breast crease)

Used when there is a larger skin envelope in both a vertical and horizontal direction

How do I know if I need implants in addition to the breast lift?


It is important to understand what is accomplished by a breast lift and what is accomplished by using a breast implant if one is to make an informed decision.  The breast lift primarily lifts the nipple position and lifts and supports the lower pole of the breast.  An implant adds size, projection and upper fullness to the breast.  If a patient desires an “augmented” looking breast shape with roundness in the upper pole it will require an implant to get there.  A more natural shape result is generally achieved with a lift alone.

How much does a breast lift cost?

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