Breast Implant Revision in Salt Lake City

Dr. York Yates, a Utah Plastic Surgeon believes that a breast implant revision is better prevented than treated.  However, if you are unhappy with your breast augmentation outcomes, choosing a plastic surgeon with skill and experience in breast implant revision, like Dr. Yates, is very important.

Some of the more common reasons for breast augmentation revision are:

  • Breast asymmetry 
  • Dissatisfaction with breast implant size or shape
  • Breast implant rupture or deflation
  • Rippling – implant wrinkling being visible through the skin
  • Symmastia
  • Capsular contracture
  • Poor scarring

Treatment options are varied depending on the specific combinations of problems.  Some breast implant revisions can be performed using the same implants where appropriate.  Many of these problems, however, require new implants. Please contact Dr. Yates at his Salt Lake City, Utah office today if you feel that you might need a breast revision.