Breast Augmentation Incision/ Scar

Location of breast augmentation scarbreast augmentation incisions

Although there are a few breast augmentation incision options, Dr. Yates currently prefers the inframammary or crease incision for most cases.  Having had experience will all of the available incision choices, the crease incision has been shown to result in the lowest complication rate and most accurate, symmetric outcome.  Well placed with good surgical technique, this scar is well hidden and accepted by patients.

The other commonly used incision choices are armpit and around the nipple.  Both of these (particularly the nipple) have been shown to have a higher risk of capsular contracture, clearly an undesired outcome.

Length of breast augmentation scar

The length of the scar is shorter with saline than silicone implants.  This is generally not a significant enough difference to choose saline over silicone, however.  The scar length with a saline implant is about 1.5″, where the length of scar for silicone implants is about 2″.