Breast Augmentation in Salt Lake City

breast augmentation photoIn Utah, breast augmentation is the most commonly performed cosmetic plastic surgery procedure.  Women choose to have Utah breast augmentation and breast implants for a variety of reasons.  Whether it is fitting properly into a swimsuit or simply wanting their pre-pregnancy figure back, women are flocking to the office of Salt Lake City Utah area, board certified plastic surgeon Dr. York Yates to discuss their options.

Breast implants are an excellent tool for adding shape and volume to a woman’s breasts and overall figure.  Choosing the best breast implant to achieve the desired breast augmentation goal is a process requiring careful communication and discussion.  Gone are the days of simply focusing only on breast size.  With new options available such as shaped breast implants and fat grafting, sophisticated breast augmentation surgeons place as much emphasis on the shape of the augmented breast to achieve a result that is beautiful with and without clothing.

For well over the past decade, Utah plastic surgeon Dr. York Yates has been striving to perfect the breast augmentation procedure.  Consistently beautiful breast augmentation results with minimal downtime and recovery are the goals.  With advanced techniques many patients require no pain medications and many are back to work within a couple of days.   There is minimal bruising and swelling and for most patients the scar is imperceptible.

Frequently asked breast augmentation questions:

What are the gummy bear breast implants I have been hearing so much about?sientra-implants.-300x1731

Gummy bear breast implants are the newest generation of silicone implants.  They are similar to other silicone breast implants with a slightly more cohesive silicone material.  These breast implants can hold a manufactured shape, much like a gummy bear.  Traditionally, these are tear drop shaped implants although there are now high cohesive round gummy bear implants as well.   The tear drop implants are manufactured with a tear drop shape to reduce the roundness of the upper pole.  For women who desire a rounded upper breast shape, these may not be ideal implants.  For women who want a more natural breast shape, these gummy bear implants may be ideal.  The round gummy bear implants are filled with the same cohesive silicone as the tear drop which is firmer than traditional silicone implants.   The advantage is generally less rippling.

What is ‘natural breast augmentation’?

‘Natural breast augmentation’ is a term being used to describe breast augmentation with fat grafting.  Fat is removed by liposuction from an undesired area and grafted into the breast for volume enhancement.  Although on the surface, this seems like the ideal solution to breast augmentation there are other considerations.  Although the studies have thus far been favorable regarding fat grafting causing breast cancer, this is still a question.  Interference with mammograms and common breast lumps and cysts as a result of transfer are frequent issues.   The limited volume that can survive grafting and the lack of long term support limit the long term satisfaction with the results of natural breast augmentation.   The ideal candidate is looking for a VERY natural breast shape with only a small increase in breast size.

How do I choose my ideal breast implant?

Choosing the ideal breast implant is a process.  Understanding your own goals regarding breast size and breast shape is the first step.  Reviewing lots of breast augmentation before and after photos is helpful.  With the assistance of Dr. York Yates and his staff a variety of methods including breast implant trial sizing and 3D breast augmentation simulation will be used to help you pick the ideal breast implant.

Should I choose saline or silicone breast implants?

Silicone vs saline breast implants?  Currently most patients prefer silicone implants.  The silicone implants are softer, more natural, have lower rates of rippling and rupture and in general a higher patient satisfaction.

Saline breast implants are a little less expensive and for some the piece of mind of knowing the fill material is just saline is valuable.

There is a new saline option, the ideal implant ® which is a structured breast implant filled with saline that behaves a lot like saline in feel and stability.   This is a great new option for patients with concerns regarding silicone that want a higher quality saline implant.

How do I choose which incision would be best?breast augmentation incisions

Dr. York Yates has experience with all incision options for breast augmentation.  This experience has led him to believe strongly that the best incision choice is an inframammary crease incision for most patients.  It hides well, generally heals well, has the lowest complication rate, and allows the surgeon access for advanced approaches to minimize pain and maximize outcomes.

Which is better below the pectoral muscle or above?

Whether to place the implants above or below the muscle is an important decision.  In the U.S. most breast implants are placed below the pectoral muscle.  The advantages of going below the muscle are improved coverage of the implant, better implant support over time, and lower risks of rippling or capsular contracture.  The trade-off is that the implants move a little with pectoral muscle activity.  This is most noticeable with exercise and many body builders choose to have implants above the muscle.   The new gummy bear implants have an inherently lower risk of capsular contracture and rippling and many plastic surgeons are choosing to go above the muscle (subglandular) with these implants.

How is the recovery after breast augmentation?

After breast augmentation the average patient needs narcotic pain medications for 1-2 days.  Desk work can generally be resumed in about 3-5 days.  Light exercise is allowed at 3 weeks with extreme exercise limited for 6 weeks.

Is it possible to breast feed after breast augmentation?

Most patients who would otherwise be successful with breast feeding would be able to breast feed after breast augmentation.

Will I loose nipple sensation after breast augmentation?

Nipple sensation loss is an uncommon complication after breast augmentation.  It is common to have a few weeks or maybe months of temporary decreased sensation related to stretching of the sensory nerves.

Can breast augmentation be done without general anesthesia?

Absolutely!  In fact there are so many advantages to doing so (with no disadvantages) that Dr. York Yates prefers breast augmentation without general anesthesia.

What is the cost of breast augmentation in Utah?

The cost of breast augmentation in Utah is affordable.  For the cost of most of our procedures performed by Dr. York Yates visit the cost and financing page of our home website.

Do breast implants have warranties?

Yes all manufacturers have great breast implant warranty programs

How do I schedule a consultation with Dr. York Yates?

We would be delighted to see you for a breast augmentation consult in our Salt Lake City Utah area office.  Contact our friendly staff by phone at (801) 525-8741 or fill out an online contact form and we will call or email you right away.