All I want for Christmas Is Some New Breasts

Breast Augmentation Salt Lake City, UTYou may have sung about wanting your two front teeth for Christmas when you were in grade school, but now that you’re a grown woman you probably want a little bit more for your Christmas gift. If you have been busy running around thinking about everyone else’s Christmas list, it’s time for you to take a moment to think about yourself. One of the gifts that you should put at the top of your Christmas list is a breast augmentation from Dr. York Yates. Before you pull the trigger on one of these procedures, though, you will have a few things to think about.


Do you want to get your augmentation done before or after Christmas? If you do decide to have surgery before the holiday, Dr. Yates will encourage you to take it easy while you’re recovering so that you can fully heal. Whereas if you decide to wait until after the holidays to get a breast augmentation, then you may have a little more time to fully recover. Either way, he will talk to you about all of this during your initial consultation.


No matter what time of year you get a breast augmentation, you will have to consider the size of augmentation that’s right for your body. How large do you want to go? How small do you want to go? During your initial consultation, you will be able to almost try on breast implants so that you can choose the right size for your body. Dr. Yates will also give you some personal recommendations that will be helpful.


It used to be that the only type of implants that patients did was saline but times have definitely changed. Nowadays there are many more implant types and options.  Depending on the shape and texture that you want from your implants, Dr. Yates will help you land on a decision that will be right for you.

You may be the hardest person you have to buy for which is why you should consider gifting yourself a breast augmentation. To learn more about this surgical procedure, contact Dr. Yates at our Layton office and call us today at (801) 525-8741.