Will Changing your Body Change your Life?

breast augmentationThere are innumerable reasons for the popularity of cosmetic plastic surgery procedures. We enjoy helping our patients explore their options and seeing the vast enrichment they experience both physically and psychologically as a result of their decision to enhance their body shape. What we hear from the majority of our patients has also been reflected in research.

Diving in to The Numbers

You may not consider the correlation between numbers and cosmetic plastic surgery, but there is one. Numbers, or statistics, reveal to us the additional benefits that patients experience after choosing to move forward with their desired changes to their physical appearance.

A series of studies conducted in 2008 by Dr. Neil Sadick reveal important side effects to cosmetic plastic surgery:

  • 95% of patients in one of his studies, which focused on mastopexy, or breast lift surgery, reported more than physical improvement. They also reported that they felt a greater sense of well-being in general.
  • Sadick also found, in a second study, that patients treated with any type of cosmetic plastic surgery, felt more satisfied not only with their physical appearance, but also in their professional and social relationships as well as in their sex life.
  • An interesting finding and one of Dr. Sadick’s studies was that patients who enhanced an aspect of their appearance reported feeling decreased anxiety along with improved confidence. Many of them also felt more independent than they had prior to their procedure.

There’s More to the Story . . .

There is no benefit to claiming that any type of cosmetic enhancement of the body will create a dramatic change in quality of life. Both before and after Dr. Sadick, other researchers also sought to discover the association between improved appearance and a better sense of well-being. One common thread that was revealed is that, regardless of the type of procedure, patients whose expectations were unreasonable were far less likely to feel satisfied or happier after their physical change. Plastic surgery, and even non-surgical procedures, are not the path to increased happiness for every person. However, when you are already in a healthy place, and have reasonable goals, you are likely to become one of the positive statistics.

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