The Truth Behind Natural Breast Augmentations

Typically when you think of breast augmentations you think of saline and silicone implants— both of which are great options to give you perkier and fuller looking breasts. However, did you know that there is a more natural way to get larger sized breasts? Here in Utah at Dr. York Yates Plastic Surgery, we offer our clients an all natural breast augmentation surgery. Read on to learn more.

Natural Breast AugmentationWhat is an all-natural breast augmentation?

During this type of breast augmentation surgery, fat will be removed from one part of your body using liposuction— typically the upper thighs or abdomen— and will be redistributed to your breasts. This type of procedure gives patients a more natural look and feel of breasts while still offering them a perkier and fuller looking chest.

Are there limitations to this type of surgery?

This type of surgery is not ideal for all patients, specifically those who have smaller sized breasts to begin with. Additionally, the degree of augmentation possible is generally less than what could be achieved with breast implants.

Is it effective?

It is unquestionably effective, just limited in volume.   The safety of the procedure is controversial and large volume transfer could hinder mammogram effectiveness.   However, if you are adamant on getting natural implants and have done your fair of research on the pros and cons to this type of augmentation, then Dr. York Yates will be more than happy to discuss the procedure with you and get you on your way towards all- natural breasts.

If you are considering getting breast augmentation surgery and would like to learn more about all natural breast augmentations then contact Dr. York Yates’ Utah office today and schedule a consultation.