The Stages of Recovery: How You Can Manage Your Pain

Breast Augmentation Salt Lake CityOne of the best ways that you can prepare for your breast augmentation from Dr. York Yates is to know what it is you are in for. During your initial consultation with our office, we will go over your pre-surgery requirements, the surgery, and the recovery process, that way you can feel more confident in what you can expect from start to finish. To help you prepare for the recovery process, we have created a list of the different stages of recovery, and what you can expect in regards to the pain you may experience. Read on to learn more.

1-3 Days Post Surgery

The first few days after surgery are going to be your hardest. Not only will your breasts feel sore but this is when you will experience the most pain. Although narcotics are an option, we have a few other ways that we can use to help you get rid of pain including precise surgery, pain medicine injections and motion.

  • Minimal tissue trauma is the KEY to rapid recovery.    This is not a gimmick, rather something the attentive surgeon can control.
  • Pain Injections: By injecting medication directly into your implant pocket, you can experience pain relief for the most uncomfortable first few hours.
  • Early range of motion has been shown to improve recovery

4-7 Days Post Surgery

During around four to seven days following surgery, you should start to experience less pain and likely are no longer taking your prescription-strength pain medications. During this time, is when we encourage our patients to just take Ibuprofen or Tylenol.

7-14 Days Post Surgery

Although you may still feel a bit sore a week or two after surgery, you shouldn’t be experiencing much pain. To help ease any discomfort at this stage, keep up with range of motion Additionally, you can continue to take an over-the-counter pain medication.

By understanding the pain you may experience after a breast augmentation and how to treat it, you can feel better prepared. To learn more about surgery, contact Dr. York Yates’ office today to schedule a consultation.