Lack of Nipple Sensation? What You Need to Know

breast augmentation surgeryIf you have just had a mastectomy due to breast cancer, then you likely lost any sort of sensation in your nipples. As both a way to become sexually stimulated and just as a normal part of a woman’s body, suddenly losing any sort of feeling or sensation in your nipples can be a bit upsetting. As a normal side effect of a mastectomy, although it may be upsetting to lose nipple sensation, it’s expected. However, if you have just undergone a breast augmentation and have lost sensation in your nipples, then you may be a bit more surprised. Read on to learn more.

Loss of Nipple Sensation
For the first few weeks following your breast augmentation, your breasts simply won’t feel normal. Not only do you now have implants, but your breast tissue is working to heal become restructured. During this time, if you have a lowered sense of nipple sensation or feel like you don’t have any sensation at all, this is nothing to be worried about because it will likely come back. However, if your nipple sensation doesn’t come back, then you can contact Dr. York Yates.

Why Does It Occur?
Although extremely rare, the loss of nipple sensation can occur during a breast augmentation. Because your breast’s nerves and tissues are extra sensitive, they can sometimes become damaged or stretched during the surgery, leaving you with little to no nipple sensitivity. As a part of any surigcal procedure that you can have done on your body, there are definite risks and side-effects involved and to be aware of. However, as mentioned previously, the loss of nipple sensitivity due to something as routine as a breast augmentation is extremely rare.

Can It Be Fixed?
As mentioned, most likely, your nipple sensitivity and sensation will return back to normal a few months or weeks following your procedure. If, however, it doesn’t return, talk to Dr. York Yates about any procedures that may be available to help you treat this problem.

If you have recently undegone breast augmentation surgery and have lost the sensation in your nipples, don’t stress out. Your nipple sensitivity will be abnormal if non-existent for the first while following your procedure. To learn more or to schedule a consultation with Dr. York Yates, contact our office today!