How to Avoid Getting Scary Scars After Your Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation Salt Lake City, UTDuring this time of year, scary scars on Frankenstein may be all the rage, but one thing that isn’t in style are scars after a breast augmentation. Even though Dr. York Yates will do his best to make your scars as small and minimal as possible, there are a few things that you can do to minimize scarring on your end. This article will take a closer look at a few ways that you can avoid getting scary scars after your breast augmentation.

Choose the Right Surgeon

The number one thing you can do to avoid scary scars after a breast augmentation or another similar surgery is to choose the right surgeon. When you choose a board-certified surgeon like Dr. York Yates, you know that you are literally in good hands. Not only does Dr. Yates have a lot of training and experience, but because he specializes in breast implants, he knows how to minimize scarring.

Follow Instructions

When we send you home from surgery, we will send you back with a detailed list of instructions regarding how you can take care of your incisions, minimize scarring, and avoid infection. Please make sure that you follow these instructions step by step; especially when it involves things like cleaning your incisions and wearing your compression garment. All of these instructions were designed to help patients like you avoid any large scars after surgery.

Having beautiful breasts after a breast augmentation will require a little bit of work and upkeep on your end. Make sure that you avoid getting Frankenstein-like scars after your surgery by following the tips listed in this article. To learn more, contact Dr. Yates at our Layton office and give us a call at (801) 525-8741.