Get Smaller Breasts Without the Huge Scars

Get Smaller Breasts Without the Huge Scars

If you are suffering from the pain of huge breasts, you are probably looking for a way out. Is there a solution to the headaches, back pain, poor posture, and rashes? And, of course, you probably know that there is: breast reduction. But is a 2-cup size reduction worth 12-inch scars? Because that is the physical cost of typical breast reduction surgery.

Well, there is good news. Dr.York Yates can help provide you with the smaller breasts your health needs while simultaneously avoiding the huge scars that come after surgery.

How Does It Work

In regular breast reduction surgery, there are two large cuts made. You will have large scars under the breast and from the areola down the breast. Although these leave scars and have a possibility for extra complications, this method is still safe and effective. The only downside to the traditional method is the large scars.

But what if there were a way to reduce scarring? There is!

With scarless breast reduction, there are only a few very small incisions. Then, a surgical cannula, is placed into the breast through the cuts. This fat is then removed through the cannula by suction.

Once the fat is gone, your breasts will shrink to fit the remaining tissue, and you will have smaller breasts and minimal scarring. The scar is tiny, barely noticeable, and will also fade over time—especially with proper treatment, such as massage.

In addition, the procedure is fairly quick and has a shorter recovery period than traditional breast reduction surgery.

Should You Do It?

This surgery is perfect for people with excellent skin who don’t require skin removal at the time of breast reduction.  No matter what, you should make the choice to undergo any type of breast augmentation surgery only after thoroughly consulting your doctor. Come in and talk to Dr. York Yates today. We can help you make the best decision for you and your body.