Get Comfortable Breasts Without the Scars

Get Comfortable Breasts Without the Scars!

Not everyone may consider being well-endowed a “blessing.” In fact, having breasts that are too huge for one’s figure may become a burden — literally and figuratively. Although many women consider having breast reduction surgery, many resist the procedure, expecting significant scarring and downtime.

What if you were able to remove some of that burden without the scars and recovery time? The answer to your problems is scarless breast reduction by Dr. Yates.

Reducing Breast Size Without the Hassle

With liposuction as the main procedure, scarless breast reduction only creates an incision about an eighth of an inch long — truly as “scarless” as possible. Since no major incisions are involved, there is minimal discomfort, less downtime, and almost zero scarring.

Scarless Breast Reduction on Women of All Sizes

While this approach, which involves suctioning out excess fat and tissue from the breasts, is for women with large breasts, it may not be recommended for those who have undergone significant weight loss. Removing volume from the breasts when there is too much loose skin will only exacerbate the problem. Because of this, obese women are generally advised to lose weight before undergoing any reduction surgeries as weight loss can reduce the breast size naturally. However, women who are overweight can still qualify for the procedure, especially when smaller breasts will make them more comfortable during exercise and weight loss activities.

Are you concerned with the size of your breasts but want a procedure that won’t leave a lot of scarring? Consider scarless breast reduction today. Call us at (801) 525-8741 to request a consultation with Dr. Yates. We look forward to hearing from you!