Recovery After Breast Augmentation

The recovery after breast augmentation is not what it used to be, at least it doesn’t need to be.  Thanks to innovative plastic surgeons with a focus on reducing the pain and recovery after breast augmentation this can be a relatively easy recovery.  That is not to say “painless breast augmentation” is a reality.  Simply the degree of pain after breast augmentation can be significantly reduced.

breast augmentation photo

Dr. Yates uses advanced techniques that have been proven to help reduce the pain for our Utah breast augmentation patients.

  • Proper implant sizing based on soft tissue characteristics and dimensions
  • Precise implant pocket creation
  • Gentle cautery release of muscle origin and pocket creation without muscle tearing
  • Near bloodless surgery
  • Long lasting pain medication placed into the pocket at the completion of surgery
  • Early arm and shoulder range of motion

With these techniques some (but not all) patients have found no need for narcotic pain medication.  We have found that on average, narcotic pain medications are needed for one day after surgery in our Utah breast augmentation office.