Breast Implant Warranty

Breast implant failures do occur.  In the event of a ruptured implant all three FDA approved breast implant manufacturers offer excellent warranty coverage.  The coverage is for documented ruptures or implant failures only and does not cover many of the other potential complications of breast augmentation such as rippling, asymmetry, or size dissatisfaction.

In general, Mentor and Allergan (Natrelle ®) implant warranties are fairly similar with automatic enrollment and lifetime implant replacement in the event of rupture.  They both pay an additional amount ranging from $1200 – $3500 for operating expenses.  They both offer an enhanced version of this warranty for silicone implants that pays a higher amount for operating expenses as well as a few other benefits.

Sientra only offers silicone implants and the implant warranty is therefore more straightforward.   They offer the best warranty with a standard $3600 for 10 years for operating expenses in addition to free implant replacement in the event of rupture.

Breast implant warranties are frequently updated so be certain to check the most up to date warranty for your specific implant manufacturer.

Allergan (Natrelle) breast implant warranty –

  • Confidence Plus Warranty
  • Confidence Plus Premiere Warranty

Mentor breast implant warranty –

  • Mentor Advantage Limited Warranty
  • Mentor Premier Advantage Limited Warranty

Sientra breast implant warranty –