Breast Implant Size

Choosing the best breast implant size is one of the most difficult decisions for a woman choosing breast implant surgery.

Aesthetically attractive breast size and shape is a matter of taste.  Some women like larger, rounded breasts and some women like a more conservative, natural breast.   Understanding your own goals is the first step in getting the breast implant size right.  With proper communication and sizing, an experienced plastic surgeon can help guide you through this breast implant size decision.

Breast implant size and breast shape



Women who want larger rounded breasts generally should choose higher profile implants.  These implants have a fuller, rounder upper pole and for the same width have more projection.

Women who want a more athletic, natural look should choose lower profile or shaped implants.  A softer transition in the upper pole with less projection gives a more natural look


Breast implant sizing

Breast implant sizing is done differently in different plastic surgeons offices.  Dr. Yates prefers a multi-level process to help the patient get the implant size question right.  First, is a discussion about the patient’s specific goals regarding shape and perception. A breast implant size is recommended based on goals and soft tissue measurements.  The patient tries on implants to determine what breast implant volume matches her goals.  3D imaging is used to evaluate anticipated shape and size outcomes.

How many cc’s is one cup size?

Bra size after breast augmentation is difficult to predict with perfect accuracy.   The issues are implant projection, soft tissue envelope, chest wall dimension, band width and specifics of the bra manufacturer.   As a general guide we have found that  one cup size is in the range of 150 cc’s.

What breast implant size is too big?

It is true that patients more commonly wish they went larger than wish they went smaller.  However, going very large does have potential consequences.  Complication rates with very large implants are higher such as contracture and malposition.   Also, the soft tissue envelope has to be able to accomodate the size of the implant otherwise complications such as chest wall deformation or symmastia can result.  Furthermore, the shape of breasts with very large implants is objectionable to many with a very hard “shelf” on the upper pole of the breast.

Dr. Yates takes pride in helping his Utah breast implant patients choose their ideal breast implant for breast augmentation.