Uneven Breasts? How Implants Can Help

breast augmentationJust as it is rare for someone to have identical feet, it is also rare for a woman to have symmetrical breasts. However, the difference between breasts is usually so insignificant that it is only noticeable to the individual themself. If you have one breast that is noticeably larger than the other one and are frequently embarrassed and frustrated by it, breast implants from York Yates can help. Read on to learn more.

Ability to Resize
The best part about breast implants is that they give doctor York Yates the chance to completely resize your breasts and make them identical. During the surgical procedure, Dr. York Yates will place in implant not just in the small breast but a small one in the larger breast as well— this will help to ensure that they both feel the same, look the same, and that gravity handles them the same further down the line.

It’s Simple
Another great benefit to getting breast implants when you have uneven breasts is that it is a simple surgery that will be completely life changing. In fact, the surgery is so simple and straightforward that you will only have a small amount of downtime— a few days— until you can start to return back to work. However, it should be noted that you will have to refrain from things such as strenuous workouts and heavy lifting for at least a few weeks following surgery as your breasts full cover.

No More Stuffing
In order to get your breasts to look somewhat symmetrical by wearing a traditional bra, you likely have spent a fair share of your time stuffing the smaller breast full of socks and tissue. However, because breasts implants are a permanent solution to your problem, you can kiss all of the stuffing goodbye for good!

If you have uneven breasts, it can make simple things like wearing a bikini to be completely embarrassing. However, by getting a breast augmentation done by Dr. York Yates, you can get the symmetrical breasts you have always wanted. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, contact our office today!

Lack of Nipple Sensation? What You Need to Know

breast augmentation surgeryIf you have just had a mastectomy due to breast cancer, then you likely lost any sort of sensation in your nipples. As both a way to become sexually stimulated and just as a normal part of a woman’s body, suddenly losing any sort of feeling or sensation in your nipples can be a bit upsetting. As a normal side effect of a mastectomy, although it may be upsetting to lose nipple sensation, it’s expected. However, if you have just undergone a breast augmentation and have lost sensation in your nipples, then you may be a bit more surprised. Read on to learn more.

Loss of Nipple Sensation
For the first few weeks following your breast augmentation, your breasts simply won’t feel normal. Not only do you now have implants, but your breast tissue is working to heal become restructured. During this time, if you have a lowered sense of nipple sensation or feel like you don’t have any sensation at all, this is nothing to be worried about because it will likely come back. However, if your nipple sensation doesn’t come back, then you can contact Dr. York Yates.

Why Does It Occur?
Although extremely rare, the loss of nipple sensation can occur during a breast augmentation. Because your breast’s nerves and tissues are extra sensitive, they can sometimes become damaged or stretched during the surgery, leaving you with little to no nipple sensitivity. As a part of any surigcal procedure that you can have done on your body, there are definite risks and side-effects involved and to be aware of. However, as mentioned previously, the loss of nipple sensitivity due to something as routine as a breast augmentation is extremely rare.

Can It Be Fixed?
As mentioned, most likely, your nipple sensitivity and sensation will return back to normal a few months or weeks following your procedure. If, however, it doesn’t return, talk to Dr. York Yates about any procedures that may be available to help you treat this problem.

If you have recently undegone breast augmentation surgery and have lost the sensation in your nipples, don’t stress out. Your nipple sensitivity will be abnormal if non-existent for the first while following your procedure. To learn more or to schedule a consultation with Dr. York Yates, contact our office today!

Awkwardly Asymmetrical: How to Get Symmetrical Breasts

Breast Asymmetry CorrectionDid you know that no two natural breasts are exactly the same? Maybe you thought yours were symmetrical until you started breastfeeding and now it’s obvious that one breast is larger than the other. Or maybe you’ve lived your whole life knowing that your breasts aren’t symmetrical and you’ve felt self-conscious. Either way, Dr. York Yates can help deliver you with symmetrical breasts in order to restore your overall look and your confidence. Read on to learn more.

Different Types of Asymmetry

There are different ways in which your breasts can be asymmetrical. For instance, are your breasts asymmetrical in shape or in size? Depending on where the asymmetry comes from, this will help Dr. York Yates decide what treatment option he should use.

  • Shape: If you notice that one of your breasts looks more round and the other one looks more tear shaped but they are basically the same size, then you are suffering from breasts that are asymmetrical in shape. In order to help solve this problem, Dr. York Yates will either recommended a mastopexy or a breast reshaping procedure in order to get them to be the same shape.
  • Size: As the most common type of breast asymmetry, having breasts that are a different size can make simple things like getting fitted for a bra, wearing a swimsuit, or wearing a tight fitted shirt to make you feel self-conscious. Depending on how severe your case is, Dr. York Yates will either do a breast augmentation, breast reduction, or a combination of the two.

When it comes to your body, you want it to be as symmetrical and perfect as possible— especially in regards to your breasts.  If you suffer from breasts that are either asymmetrical in shape or size, schedule a consultation with Dr. York Yates today in order to narrow down a surgical plan for you. If you have any questions or concerns in the meantime, contact Dr. York Yates today!

Get the Perfect Pair: Breast Revision Surgery

Breast Revision SurgeryMost good things come in perfect pairs: shoes, skis, gloves, and diamond earrings to name a few. However, some pairs aren’t as perfect as others— including breasts. If you have one breast that is larger than the other or one that is misshapen, you may want to consider getting breast symmetry surgery to fix it. By surgically enhancing your breasts so that they are symmetrical, Dr. York Yates can help you gain your confidence back in no time. Read on to learn more about breast symmetry surgery.

What Is Breast Symmetry Surgery?

Whether you naturally have one breast that is a different shape or size than the other, or if you have recently had to have a mastectomy, Dr. York Yates can perform what is called breast symmetry surgery to help correct your breasts. During this surgery, the breast tissue will typically be removed and reshaped to match the other. In some cases, breast implants will also be used to ensure that your breasts have the same shape, size, and texture.

Why Are Breasts Unsymmetrical?

When you look in the mirror, you likely see a face that is fairly symmetrical: your eyes, ears, nose, and lips are probably fairly even on both sides. However, did you know that it is nearly impossible for your body to be symmetrical all the way across? In fact, most women don’t have two breasts that are completely identical but it’s just more apparent in some women than in others. If you have one breast that is noticeably larger than the other, it’s likely just a cosmetic issue and nothing to be too worried about.

If you have uneven breasts, you know just how embarrassing it can be even to consider getting in a swimsuit or a form fitting top. Luckily, with breast revision surgery, Dr. York Yates can correct your breasts so that they are the same shape and size. If you would like to learn more about breast revision surgery or if you would like to schedule a consultation, contact Dr. York Yates today!




How to Fix a Botched Boob Job

Breast Asymmetry Correction Salt Lake CityFamous reality television shows like E!’s Botched became popular when patients who got botched plastic surgery appeared on television to get them fixed. Even though you may not have cement in your implants, if you feel like you got a botched boob job, then Dr. York Yates can fix them so that you can get your confidence back to a ten. Read on to learn more.

How Can I Tell If It’s Botched?

One thing to remember immediately after getting a breast augmentation is that your breasts won’t look quite normal until the swelling and bruising have gone down. So, if you think your breasts aren’t quite right after surgery, wait a few weeks to decide really. A few indications that you have a botched breast job are:

  • Asymmetrical breasts
  • Lumpy implants
  • Leaking implants
  • Large incisions

How Can I Get Them Fixed?

Depending on just how botched your boob job is, Dr. York Yates may decide to do a couple of things. However, in most instances, Dr. York Yates will remove your existing implants and reposition or place new ones — getting rid of any scar tissue or excess skin in the process. During your initial consultation examination with Dr. York Yates, you will go over all of your options and the results that you want so that you come out of our office feeling 100% confident post surgery.

Getting a botched boob job can make you feel less than beautiful. If you are unhappy with your breast augmentation and would like to get it fixed, contact Dr. York Yates today and get it done the way it should have been the first time around. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, contact our office.


3 Things You May Not Know About Your Recovery

Breast augmentationUnless you have previously undergone a breast enhancement surgery, you likely don’t know what to expect. While you are recovering from your procedure, you may be alarmed by how you are feeling and even the inflammation you are feeling. However, this article will discuss a few of the things you can expect from your surgery so that you don’t feel blindsided once you are home and recovering.

  1. You May Feel Nauseous

Many patients start to feel nauseous after they have surgery because of the anesthesia. If you feel sick for a day or two following your breast enhancement surgery, this is entirely normal. In fact, we encourage most of our patients to keep a waste bin by their bedside while they are recovery, just in case they start to feel sick. To help ease nausea, make sure that you are staying hydrated and that you have enough food in your stomach.

  1. You Will Be Swollen

Although you will notice an increase in your breast size right after your surgery, a lot of this will be inflammation. A few weeks following your surgery, the swelling will go down dramatically and you will be able to more thoroughly enjoy your breasts. To help ease the swelling as you are in recovery, Dr. York Yates encourages his patients to take an anti-inflammatory drug, maintain motion, and apply ice if you desire.

  1. You Will Be Tired

If you have never undergone any surgical procedure, you won’t know what to expect. One of the biggest things you can count on after your surgery is the fact that you are going to be fatigued. Not only is your body going to be tired from the surgery but you are also going to be tired from the anesthesia. To help ensure that you get the most rest possible, we encourage our patients to take about a week off of work and to get a friend or family member to help around the house.

If you are getting a breast enhancement surgery done soon and you would like to learn more about your recovery, contact Dr. York Yates today!



3 Tips for Breastfeeding After Breast Implants

One of the biggest concerns that many of our patients have before getting breast implants is whether or not they will be able to breastfeed afterward. In short, you should have no problems breastfeeding after you have breast implants. If for some reason you do have difficulty, you likely would have had the same problem had you not gotten implants. To help you speed up the production of milk when breastfeeding after getting breast implants, try these three tips. Read on to learn more.

  1. Apply Heat

Warming up your breasts won’t mean that your baby will have warmer milk. The heat will, however, work to speed up your milk supply— especially if you have a clogged milk duct. When applying heat to your breasts, use something soft like a rice bag that you can microwave. Once warmed, gently place the compress on top of your breasts.

  1. Only Breastfeed

The trickiest part about breastfeeding for a new mom— whether you have implants or not— is sticking to it. At first, if your baby has a hard time latching, you may freak out and think they are not getting enough to eat, but you can rest assured that as long as your doctor says they are, that they are. Even though you may be tempted at times to give your baby some formula, this may confuse them, and they may end up liking it more than breastmilk because it’s sweeter. Try only to give them breast milk.

  1. Pump Frequently

If you are having a hard time getting milk out and you think it’s because of your implants, try pumping. The sucking motion from the pump will increase your milk production and help you get it out. Once you start to get more milk out through pumping, try having your baby nurse on your breasts.

If you are having difficulty breastfeeding, it likely isn’t due to your implants. However, by using the tips listed above, you can increase your milk production and feed your baby without any difficulties. To learn more about breast implants or to schedule an appointment, contact Dr. York Yates today!



Spring Break Trends: Bikini Tops

Spring break is all about relaxing in the sun with those you love most. If you have recently gotten a breast augmentation by Dr. York Yates, you may be even more excited for Spring break than most years. To help you show off your new breasts in style, make sure that you choose a bikini top that’s stylish and flattering. From halter tops to racer back bikini tops, this article will discuss a few trends to look out for. Read on to learn more.

String Bikini Tops

When you think of a bikini top, you’re likely thinking of a traditional triangle, string bikini top. And, because these tops are especially revealing, they are going to be great at showing off your cleavage. Plus, because most of these tops are adjustable, you’ll be able to move it around to make sure that you have enough coverage while still looking sexy.


Strapless bikini tops are also a great way to show off your new breasts. Plus, because your shoulders will be exposed, you won’t have to worry about getting any tan lines. One thing to be mindful of when wearing a bandeau top, however, is to make sure that it is big enough. Now that you have larger breasts, a bandeau top that used to fit probably won’t anymore— leaving you showing off more than you’d like while at the swimming pool. Our suggestion? Go up a size to make sure that it covers your breasts.


Halter bikini tops are especially in this season. However, because they cover your breasts completely, they won’t allow you to show off any cleavage. If you are going to be spending spring break with your kids or family members, then this top may be more suitable because it will give you more coverage. If you are going to be spending it with your significant other, though, you may want to choose one of the options listed above.

Now that you have your new breasts you can show them off this spring break by wearing a new bikini top. To learn more about how you can accentuate your new assets, contact Dr. York Yates.



The Stages of Recovery: How You Can Manage Your Pain

Breast Augmentation Salt Lake CityOne of the best ways that you can prepare for your breast augmentation from Dr. York Yates is to know what it is you are in for. During your initial consultation with our office, we will go over your pre-surgery requirements, the surgery, and the recovery process, that way you can feel more confident in what you can expect from start to finish. To help you prepare for the recovery process, we have created a list of the different stages of recovery, and what you can expect in regards to the pain you may experience. Read on to learn more.

1-3 Days Post Surgery

The first few days after surgery are going to be your hardest. Not only will your breasts feel sore but this is when you will experience the most pain. Although narcotics are an option, we have a few other ways that we can use to help you get rid of pain including precise surgery, pain medicine injections and motion.

  • Minimal tissue trauma is the KEY to rapid recovery.    This is not a gimmick, rather something the attentive surgeon can control.
  • Pain Injections: By injecting medication directly into your implant pocket, you can experience pain relief for the most uncomfortable first few hours.
  • Early range of motion has been shown to improve recovery

4-7 Days Post Surgery

During around four to seven days following surgery, you should start to experience less pain and likely are no longer taking your prescription-strength pain medications. During this time, is when we encourage our patients to just take Ibuprofen or Tylenol.

7-14 Days Post Surgery

Although you may still feel a bit sore a week or two after surgery, you shouldn’t be experiencing much pain. To help ease any discomfort at this stage, keep up with range of motion Additionally, you can continue to take an over-the-counter pain medication.

By understanding the pain you may experience after a breast augmentation and how to treat it, you can feel better prepared. To learn more about surgery, contact Dr. York Yates’ office today to schedule a consultation.

Choosing the Best Implant for You: 3 Benefits of Silicone Implants

Breast Augmentation Salt Lake CityAs the most popular type of breast implant that we offer, silicone implants are desirable amongst patients of all ages. But why exactly? From their ability to feel and look more natural, to the fact that they are less likely to ripple, this article will discuss some of the major benefits of silicone implants. Read on to learn more.

They Feel More Natural

Compared to saline implants, in particular, one of the biggest reasons why patients like silicone implants are because they feel more natural. Comprised of silicone gel, silicone implants are softer and a bit more pliable— just like a natural breast.

They Look More Natural

Among their more natural feel, silicone implants are also popular for their more natural appearance. Because silicone implants are softer, they look a little more natural when they sit on the chest— especially when compared to their saline counterparts. Whether you’re wearing a turtleneck or a string bikini, having a more natural looking breast implant may be your number one desire.


Less likely to ripple

Silicone implants have a semi-solid fill material that is less prone to folding and rippling than saline filled implants.

Silicone implants are popular amongst our patients for a variety of reasons including those that are listed above. If you would like to learn more about silicone implants and whether or not they’re right for you, contact Dr. York Yates today and schedule an appointment!