Achieve a Speedy Recovery from Breast Augmentation

Achieve a Speedy Recovery from Breast Augmentation

Congratulations on your bigger, better-looking breasts. Before you can really enjoy the look and confidence you’ll get from the procedure, you’ll need to recover. Here are some pointers to get you through it:

What to expect immediately after surgery

Once your breast augmentation surgery is completed, you may feel unusual sensations in your body. There may be some pain, bruising, and swelling in the treated area. Your chest may also feel tight, causing breathing to be restricted. This is normal and will improve within a few weeks.

Post-operative interventions to get you through

Recovery can be hard on a patient, but your doctor will make sure that you are equipped with adequate instructions to help you get through this crucial period. Dr. Yates usually advises his patients to minimize swelling by sitting in a semi-upright position while resting. To alleviate pain, painkillers like ibuprofen or acetaminophen will do the trick.

Going home after surgery

You may be allowed to go home the same day of your breast augmentation surgery or you may be advised to spend the night in the facility. This will depend on your post-operative status, as evaluated by Dr. Yates. Upon returning home, it is important to get enough rest to provide time for your body to fully recover. Patients should avoid activities that make use of the arms and chest area excessively as they can cause irritation and bleeding in the treatment site.

Breast augmentation in Utah

Your recovery from breast augmentation surgery doesn’t need be an ordeal. With the right surgeon and support team, everything can go smoothly. Call us today at (801) 525-8741 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Yates. We look forward to hearing from you!