3 Things You May Not Know About Your Recovery

Breast augmentationUnless you have previously undergone a breast enhancement surgery, you likely don’t know what to expect. While you are recovering from your procedure, you may be alarmed by how you are feeling and even the inflammation you are feeling. However, this article will discuss a few of the things you can expect from your surgery so that you don’t feel blindsided once you are home and recovering.

  1. You May Feel Nauseous

Many patients start to feel nauseous after they have surgery because of the anesthesia. If you feel sick for a day or two following your breast enhancement surgery, this is entirely normal. In fact, we encourage most of our patients to keep a waste bin by their bedside while they are recovery, just in case they start to feel sick. To help ease nausea, make sure that you are staying hydrated and that you have enough food in your stomach.

  1. You Will Be Swollen

Although you will notice an increase in your breast size right after your surgery, a lot of this will be inflammation. A few weeks following your surgery, the swelling will go down dramatically and you will be able to more thoroughly enjoy your breasts. To help ease the swelling as you are in recovery, Dr. York Yates encourages his patients to take an anti-inflammatory drug, maintain motion, and apply ice if you desire.

  1. You Will Be Tired

If you have never undergone any surgical procedure, you won’t know what to expect. One of the biggest things you can count on after your surgery is the fact that you are going to be fatigued. Not only is your body going to be tired from the surgery but you are also going to be tired from the anesthesia. To help ensure that you get the most rest possible, we encourage our patients to take about a week off of work and to get a friend or family member to help around the house.

If you are getting a breast enhancement surgery done soon and you would like to learn more about your recovery, contact Dr. York Yates today!